Quotes Yette and Boy, you are awesome!A big hug to you both for your skill and dedication. I'm so happy that Bruce is re-united with his soul mate, Molly.ATC it's people like you, that really raise the bar in understanding, and loving dogs,respect from a dog loving Pom. Quotes
Robert Goode

Quotes Thank you to all my friends in Perth for a great weekend. I judged tracking on Sunday in a very different environment to what I'm used to and learnt so much from the Advanced Tracking Club members. Why are they advanced? Because their methods are advanced and they make use of technology to plot the tracks and track the path of the dog. So interesting and a fantastic training tool. Thank you to Lesley Watson for being my faithful friend and steward. I couldn't have done it without you and Di Bolger Quotes
Mrs. Debby Lamprecht - Queensland Tracking Judge

Quotes Hi You Guys , I think you guys should all be really proud of yourselves . To start anything up from scratch is hard enough , but to also make it successful is something again . From the viewpoint of someone doing their first trial the whole day was great , from being told what to expect , the organization , the feedback and the presentation , the whole day was professionally run. Everyone left happy and you cant ask much more than that . Congratulations on creating and evolving a successful club . Andrew Quotes
Andrew - Club Member
First Club Trial

Quotes Hi Everyone. Shannon here from Darwin NT. I just wanted to share with anyone who is thinking of doing the correspondence course with ATC, dont hesitate, just do it. Although i have some background knowledge in tracking/scenting/mantrailing, this style of tracking is all new to me.I am currently training my 4y.o GSD who had the foundations laid as a young pup and is progressing faster than what i anticipated. But thanks to the info in the course i have been able to troubleshoot when we hit a problem area. We have only started training at the end of Feb, and already he is doing corners, tracking known people (other than myself) and is starting to indicate on objects. Thank you to the wonderful team who have helped put this course together and make it possible for people like me to be able to access this information. Anyway goodluck to all the competitors for this trialing season, and congratulations to those who have already achieved a pass. Quotes
Shannon Winkler
Correspondence Course