Vision Statement

1. To train handlers and dogs to an advanced degree of competency utilising unique Training Methods not offered or available outside of ATC INC. (Training manuals are specifically written for ATC Members.)

2. To Provide specifically designed Manuals to grade and pace competence/progress for each member's dog/s in training.

3. Use of Advanced Technology, such as; GPS tracking devices for precise training analysis; GoPro camera's to record tracks for immediate analysis where necessary. 

4. To seek out opportunities that will let us reach out to our local and regional communities by promoting and displaying the sport of tracking as provided by ATC. Attending functions organised by local shirts. Educating dog owners of our safe, responsible sport which benefits the dog and associated groups including Dogswest, local councils, etc.

5. To introduce tracking to, and involving, local youth groups such as the Girl Guides, SES Junior Cadets etc - our future dog handlers.

6. To provide a unique opportunity for dedicated, specifically suited, individuals to utilise our Advanced Training methods as a stepping stone to go far beyond trialling in the pursuit of services to humanity.