Club Awards

Perpetual Trophy (Jerry Haagedoorn Memorial Trophy)

Donated and presented by Jacqui Stockton( Jerry's Daughter)

Jerry Haagedoorn Memorial Trophy is presented to a Club member for the most outstanding and dedicated club person. This Trophy is in memorial of founding member, Jerry Haagedoorn, who always showed true spirit and commitment to the club, with strong determination for a sport he and his dog so dearly loved. 


2011 - Di Bolger

Di Bolger has always demonstrated a strong dedication towards the club, from the moment it started in 2009. Her contributions to ATC has resulted in Puppy classes and south of river training to be started. She is always cheerful and happy and her positive manner has been appreciated by all members. In our first year with the Advanced Tracking Club of WA, Di has been a fantastic help. She has gone far beyond her duties as committee member. She has spread the word about ATC, thus enabling us to get so many new members. She has also been out there to help train our members on Mondays and Saturdays and also helps with the puppies on Fridays.  Di’s PR work is amazing, she links ATC with many other networks and when you hear Di talk about ATC and its members you can hear the love in her voice.

As some people have stated “she’s always there”, “She has such a positive attitude, is full of enthusiasm in all club manners and let us not forget her beautiful smile. What a great asset to the Advanced Tracking Club of WA”, “Di is definitely the shining star in the Advanced Tracking Club of WA and truly deserves the Trophy that is honour of Jerry – Two stars shining brightl



2012 - Sonya Bowditch

Sonya is an exceptionally dedicated and committed person in all that she does. This not only covers her work, but also her family and friends, sport and last but not least her dog Bella. Sonya is the kind of person who will do anything for anyone- even if her plate is already full! She is a kind and caring person who only sees the best in everyone and enjoys a good laugh at life.

Sonya has an exceptional Commitment to ATC as not only their secretary but also as a trainer and member who supports the club 100% in all their endeavours. Tracking is a sport which is both Sonya’s and her dog Bella’s first love. More often than not Sonya is known to take Bella tracking at least a couple of times a week to allow them to better their skills. Since Sonya has taken up tracking, she has pushed both herself and Bella to continue learning new skills and to better them in each track that they do.



2013 - Andrew Meechin

The Jerry Haagedoorn Memorial trophy is presented to a club member for the most outstanding and dedicated club person. The trophy is in memorial of founding member Jerry Haagedoorn, who always showed true spirit and commitment to the club with strong determination for a sport he and his GSD dog so dearly loved.  It’s with great Honour that the recipient for 2014 be given this award, in honour of Jerry. As someone who knew Jerry I know he would be proud of the new recipient, who so much reminds me of Jerry with his own GSD who he so dearly loves. Both Jerry and the recipient had the same qualities – loyalty, caring and compassion. The recipient of this trophy has stepped up to take the role of secretary to help out his fellow members, even when his own life was so busy, he has spent many hours helping others train their dogs. If I could sum up one word, for this person it would be selflessness. A quote that reflects Andrew Meechin, the 2014 Recipient of the Jerry Haagerdoon Memorial Trophy…

“"Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky”
John Grogan

 Well done Andrew on being the recipient for 2013 of the Jerry Haagedoorn Memorial Trophy.


2014 - Lesley Watson

 At Advanced Tracking Club we love to recognise and applaud our successes. In keeping with this, our Members voiced their opinion by voting for Lesley Watson to receive the Perpetual Jerry Haagedorn Trophy presented at our AGM 12th February 2015 . 

A more deserving hard working woman I’ve never seen. Les has had an outstandingly positive and personal influence on all of our Members beginning with basic Tracking Training. She constantly updates Training Manuals she produced in our early Days. Her creative and active mind researches innovative methods to train our dogs. Even at a distance with her “Tracking by correspondence” program.

She is constantly looking for easier ways to improve every facet of our Trials and Training.

Lesley Watson is a worthy recipient for Jerrys Award and we are indeed privileged to have her as ATCs Training Supervisor .



 2015 - Karren McCluskey




“Most improved Handler Award, 2012”

Donated by the club and presented by the Trainers.

Two awards each year are presented to Handlers, one for south of the river training grounds and one for north of the river training grounds.



2012: Eric Protti



2013:  Sue King


2014: Emma Grant


2015: Tracey Cordon




2013:  Kirsten Scheckel.


2014:  Tammy Aitken


Due to no official South Training there are no Awards for south This year