Positive Article Indication

By Honey Gross-Richardson

Part 1

This is a fantastic training method to teach your dog to indicate articles. 

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Part 2

Right on track with dynamic downs! From Honey's Happy Training for the Tracking Dog

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Miscellaneous Documents

Tracking through Cattle & Sheep

Of special interest to our interstate members: Tracking through Cattle & Sheep)

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Tracking a dog is not for the fainthearted

Neil and his dog Jynx - tracking for a lost dog

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A first for the ATC of WA ( Inc)

An article written by Honey Gross-Richardson, in the Canine News - October/November 2013 edition.

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Theories on Scent

Presentation to the ATC of WA. 12.05.2012. By Honey Gross-Richardson, ATC Patron

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A Tracking Adventure

ATC Tracking and T&SD Trial held on Sunday,20th Sept. 2015 at Maringiniup

Judges’ Report: Mrs. Honey Gross-Richardson

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The Uniqueness of Tracking

Neil and Jynx doing truffle training

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