Extract from "West Australian", dated 1/5/2013.





   24th November 2003 - 27th April 2013


Though the end to  my life’s journey with Geordie was sudden and unexpected the legacy of wonderful memories that remains has touched not only my life in a very special way but those of many others. He was a gentle and joyful soul who taught me more than I could ever teach him. His deafness only served to enhance his other senses, to see him run and swim with other dogs and take part in performance sports , no person would ever guess he was any different. I am sure Geordie never knew he was deaf and was a great ambassador for tolerance and acceptance of others. He will always remain my braveheart.









2000 - 2013

When Mhads was born in May 2000, little did I know how much we would achieve, the new friends we’d make - and how much fun we’d have in the next 12 years!  She was the first born pup of my first litter - of 6, to mum Sally, she was special, I just had to keep her.

Our first 12 months were spent doing the usual obedience, swimming at the beach, long walks in the bush and basic retrieving training.  Unfortunately soon after we had to say goodbye to Sal, she was only 5 and  had cancer in her eye and no hope of a future without pain.  We did manage to get UD, NRD and Track 1 with Sal, with thanks to Leslie for her help and assistance.

Now I had to concentrate on Mhads – it was good therapy for us both.  Track 1 seemed to come quite easily in 2002 thanks to Leslie again, but then we realised we couldn’t do Tracking as well as Retrieving.  We focused for a while on Retrieving and lots and lots of practice later we got Novice and Restricted -- in between Mhads having a litter of 10 puppies at 3 ½!  We were thrilled to get a 1st place in All Age, which is half a Retrieving Trail Champion, then 8 more puppies arrived in 2006.   Of this litter, one is RT.CH another one ½ RT.CH and Ella a T.CH.  Rebus has Agility titles and Ticket doggy dancing titles. 

After Mhads got her All Age Retrieving Title, she had to finish 10 All Age Trials we thought we’d better get serious about Tracking again!  Thanks to Marilyn who helped us in 2009 to achieve our TD, TDX and TCH.  We had six dogs to train between us and spent 3 days training in the forest each week.  We got to know it pretty well!  Mhads just enjoyed working and always tried her best.  She loved street tracking and we managed to pass TSD 1 & 2.

More recently Mhads enjoyed swimming up and down the dam whilst Ella and Holly did some training.  She kept her eye on the ducks and two big black swans – they all accepted her being there.

My special thanks to Dave and Jean Henderson of Mhadaidh Goldens, they gave me Sally and got me started in Retrieving.  They have Mhads son, Rebus and great-great grandson Ben, who’s only 5 months but showing a lot of promise for his future working life. 

I was honoured to have Mhads photo on the top of the ATC web page ribbon - thanks Sonya.

Mhads was almost 13 when she had a stroke.  We all have many happy memories of her - she survived snake bite and many ant bites which sent her into anaphylactic shock, so we were indeed lucky to have her for so long.

Dearest Mhads, you were so special, we miss you.

                                            "Anne Cameron"


                              WARRANINE HI JYNX ( JYNX)

                               12th MARCH 2011 - 28th NOVEMBER 2013


   26th DECEMBER 2008 - 28TH NOVEMBER 2013

Losing your Shadows

 Hi everyone, as some of you would know I recently had to have my dogs put to sleep. So Di has asked me to write something about them both.


Tully was a rescue Kelpie cross from when we lived in Broome and fostered dogs for S.A.F.E. When we got him he had no fur on one side of his body and was full of worms the vet said he wouldn’t last the night. But Tully being Tully lasted the night and made a full recovery. He was the happiest of dogs, he went camping with us when we travelled around Broome, the Kimberley’s and the Pilbara, he was our own version of Red-dog, just black J.

 He always had a smile on his face and a wag in his tail whenever he would see us. Recently I had started training Tully in Tracking he had a beautiful style very gentle and nice and slow. He would follow the track exactly and never missed the treats or scent articles. It had been my hope that next year he would come up to Perth and get his TD1. He was also trained/in training for Truffle hunting again he did this beautifully and had a very high strike rate.

The main things I will remember about Tully and that I will take with me, is to always be happy in life because it could be far worse than what it is. And to enjoy your sleep especially if it’s on mum and dads bed J


 Well what can I say about Jynx! Jynx believe it or not was my first puppy; I picked him up from the breeder at the age of 8 weeks. Little did I know what an impact he would have on my life and me. Before I got Jynx I googled what to do with a Rottweiler. This is where I found out about Tracking!! Jynx went to puppy school at the local vets, where despite being one of the youngest he was the biggest by far!! He was utterly fearless, after having his final jabs and being allowed into the big world we introduced Jynx to the dog next door, a beautiful American Staffy called Bella, Bella was 3 years old and about 35kg. We opened the gates to walk in with Jynx on the lead and Bella ran over!! I was terrified!! Jynx had his head held high his tail bent over like a scorpion and Bella rolled on the ground before him on her back!!!

 After getting a bit older Jynx started tracking. I was still away up north and my wife and mother-in-law took him to meet Lesley, Di and Sonya. Apparently from what I hear Lesley liked him immediately because he was a bit rough round the edges and not trained in obedience!! All the things that horrified me about him. Jynx was great fun to learn to track with, he was strong and if interested would track as well as any other dog. We took part in our first trial and despite Jynx clearly overshooting with a grading of good which I was very proud of. We had planned on returning this winter in between truffle hunting to get his TD2 but sadly this was not to be. Jynx also found the second largest black truffle in the southern Hemisphere weighing in at 1.09kg!!!

Rottweilers are the most loyal and protective dogs. I have ever owned, when I was home from work Jynx would never leave my side and slept on the floor next to my side of the bed. Once my wife was being chased by the evil gander!! I was to busy laughing to do anything but Jynx ran about 300 meters in about 2 seconds grabbed the gander by the neck shock it up and down like a toy then let go of it, to this day the gander wont go near my wife!.

Sorry, had to add this from Di, she summed it up better than me.

Truffle dog , tracking Dog, dog tracking Dog,  Companion, Mate, Brother to Tully , Guardian of the family at home while you were FIFO....not your average dog !

Things I will remember about Jynx and that I will take with me are, protect the things you love with everything you have, be loyal and loving to your family and eat as much grass and sticks as you can, To say I’m proud of both my dogs is an understatement; the unconditional love they gave us has left a massive hole. Which will take time to heel.......Gone but never forgotten Tully and Jynx






                      Adashad PLACIDO da MINGO

                   31st DECEMBER 2000 - 4TH DECEMBER 2013

                  No more will he suffer. Peace at last for my boy.
When the pain of seeing him struggle was greater than the pain of letting him go I knew that day had arrived .With tears flowing. ,  ( it's been a year for it this year ) reluctantly the right decision  was made and deed done with love,  compassion and respect for the gentle giant that was Zac .
As a 5 yr old , he came as a pet for a sleepover one weekend . His delightful cheeky disposition  gave him permanency till death do us part . He was gregarious, vocal just plain embarrassing in public at times ,becoming  a huge learning
curve with so much joy attached I
will always be great full for his companionship and protection over the years.
Mr Passive and Miracle Man , are 2 titles befitting this passive entire boy. He survived bloat as a young dog, a  3 kg tumor was removed with his spleen two years ago , finally succumbing to severe arthritis in his hind legs .An extraordinary German Shepherd who loved everyone and everything ......except CATS!
Rest in  peace, my boy, you're in good company till we meet again.





26th APRIL 2000 - 4TH FEBRUARY 2014

Swaggy was my very first Labrador, and he arrived at 8 weeks of age as the cutest yellow baby you could imagine.   His sire, Touchy, was a R.T. Champion and his uncle Ruff, won the National Retrieving Championships three times, so he came from solid field lines.  His mother, Dee Dee, also had wonderful lines behind her with Bambillay River Sand (another National Champion), being her father. 

At 14 months Swaggy began his trialing career competing in five novice stakes.  He came 2nd on his second trial and finished three others.  The next season he had many placing's including restricted.  He did get his titles and competed for many years in All Age where he had placing's and a first which gave him half of his championship title.  Swags completed many trials and was awarded the AARD title for doing so, and at the end of 2011, I retired him from retrieving trial competition.  He was still an active dog though, so I began training him at tracking with the Advanced tracking club.   He was good at this and loved doing the job as well, having a lot of fun in the bush and happy to find someone at the end of a track.  Although I didn’t intend to compete with Swaggy in tracking, we entered our first event in July 2013, for fun, and he did a magnificent job finding the tracklayer (his Dad), and had a pass of very good for his TD1.   He did compete another time in August 2013, but displayed symptoms of illness which caused me to withdraw him.  It was the start of his health deteriorating.   In early January I took Swags to the Vet and began cartrophen injections.  Less than a month later I was saying goodbye to my dear friend and guardian.   It appears that Swaggy may have had a brain tumor which affected his balance, his sight and his breathing, and I couldn’t bear to see him so confused and struggling.

Swaggy wasn’t the greatest retriever for sure, but he had his moments of excellence.  He would have been a brilliant tracking dog given half a chance, and he was a super fun dog to have around.  He would play chasey with the other dogs, go hunting for rabbits (or ducks), just adored his rides in the car and would sit for hours in the back if the tailgate was left down, just waiting for a trip.  He would do cheesy smiles at us when excited, or when we requested he “say cheese”.  He was an excellent guard dog and no one would dare challenge him in that mode, and yet he would cuddle up with the grandkids, or hop on the bed to be near you, at the drop of a hat.   We loved the big boy and have so many memories of him to cherish now that he has gone.  His little habit of cocking his head to one side as if to query you, or that he always had to sniff whatever treat you offered him before he would gently take it to eat; and, his upside down way of sleeping which stayed with him to the end.  We miss him dearly; our sweet Swaggle Taggle rest now good boy.





9 april 2004 – 5 november 2013      

C.D. A.D.X. J.D.X. T.CH  T.S.D.X

RIP my Nippy Nips

 Love and miss you forever

“Boy” and Jette




Friedental Candy Floss      TOFFEE
15 March 2008 - 28 June 2015

My pretty fluffy girl passed away suddenly probably from a cancer after
spending her last morning tracking in the pine forest. She loved her home
and playing chasey with her pals Axel and Brocky. She also was a fanatic
with water both with the hose and swimming in a pool, but most of all she
loved relaxing at home with me.
RIP my sweet affectionate girl




Jentol Chatts Prima Donna 

20 September 2010-28 April 2016

Penny was the bestest friend & companion a girl could ask for. I still remember as a puppy she was all ears & feet. The biggest & softest ears you have ever felt & the typical german shepherd head tilt of course. Whenever we went for walks she would be constantly sniffing every single tree, bush & lamp pole we would come across & sometimes she even walked into things because her nose was so close to the ground. I knew then that she would love tracking. As soon as we would turn onto Silver Road she would howl & bark at the top of her lungs & everyone would know we were coming down the road.

Penny loved to say hello & play with every single dog we came across, especially the boys! She loved rides in the car, playing with the hose & was as cheeky as they come. I didn’t even mind the ridiculous amount of fur that was always in the house or on my clothes.

Penny was taken far too soon from us with a brain tumour but I know that she is not longer suffering & is at peace. It was the hardest decision of my life to let Penny go & I never thought I could love or hurt so much at the same time. I will never forget you Penny & all the wonderful memories that we had together. Fur-ever in my heart.

Love Angela & Lee