2018 - Fun Day

On September 22nd ATC members travelled to Chidlow for an informal fun day for both dogs and handlers. Activities included hot tracks, both with and without diversions; taking scent from and article and the dog needing to find the owner from within the circle of handlers; a search method wherein the track layer palced their hand on a metal object for 30 seconds, and the dog was then directed to take scent from that and track them.

Please see our "Photo Gallery" page for pictures of this event.


2013 EVENTS 


We were privileged to have Queensland Judge,  Ron Jackson to Judge along with our very own home grown Judge Lesley Watson at our last Trial for the year, 22nd September 2013.

The weather sure challenged all entrants, their dogs and participants  .It’s always an interesting exchange  of ideas  with interstate Judges.

Different terrains,  weather conditions, many long years of experiences to share and a time to  glean  valuable insights.

From ATC a big THANKYOU to Ron for sharing yourself with ATC members . Also a big thanks to our magnificent Stewards for their hard work in trying conditions ,leading up to and on the day.

Thank you to  Jette, Sonya, Jean ,Michael and Andrew , along with all our

fabulous members.


Ron's Letter to ATC:

Thank you to all members from ATC Inc. for your fabulous hospitality and help at the weekend. The conditions under which handlers and dogs competed were not conducive to good tracking, but have no doubt the "passes" are not far away.

Use of all differing electronic equipment is very much a huge benefit for all your training, and can only add to better accuracy in all facets of the sport of tracking. Once again. Thank you.


Ron Jackson

Qld Tracking Judge.




2012 EVENTS 


2012 Fun day and BBQ Lunch for Advanced Tracking Club of WA



SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER 2012 // 9am - 1pm

Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex,

Kingsway Soccer 1 & 2, Bellerive Bvd, Madeley

ATC will be participating in the above event for the second time.

Last year was a huge success. The public loved our stand and demos.

So if any of our members would be able to give us a hand, please let us know.







ATC had privilege of working with Queensland Tracking Judge Debby Lamprecht over 2 days while she was visiting Perth. On Saturday 26th May at our North Training grounds we put 4 of our handlers and their dogs on TSD tracks 1 through to 4.

2 of our handlers also explained and put on a demonstration of off lead area search work.

This was a totally new experience for Mrs Lamprecht and one which she was fascinated by and found to be most enjoyable.

On Monday 28th May she joined us at our South Training location in Bedfordale.

There Mrs Lamprecht watched in amazement as 5 of our newer members worked their tracks.

These members were on the 6th Lesson and she couldn’t believe the precision of the dog’s work and remarked that she had never seen anything like it. Mrs Lamprecht asked for a copy of our training books and manuals as she wanted to go home and start her 4 month old Kelpie using our methods.

 In the afternoon we planned a street track using parklands and recreation facilities to demonstrate how TSD tracks could be laid in the suburbs and still conform to the ratio of 75 percent vegetation & 25 percent non-vegetated surfaces.

 Mrs Lamprecht was most grateful for the time ATC members gave her during her short visit.