Meet the 2019 Committee


Mrs Honey Gross-Richardson and James (Rick) Richardson CD BEM (Posthumously)

Meet our 2019 Committee Members

President & Training Supervisor - Di Bolger

(Founding Member of ATC)

Dogs are my passion.First dog at 5yrs old was a Cocker Spaniel. I was always bringing home stray dogs as a kid, most memorable being a Whippet. I purchased my first GSD in 1985 specifically to pursue my goal of finding missing people by joining SES Dog Tracking Team in the mid 80ies. I am a member of GSD Association and PRO. I became an obedience instructor with GSDog Association. Showed a 2nd GSD  competing in Nationals. 

I have owned Mini Daschunds for years. When I was a member of the Daschund club, I ran a mini daschund in Agility. I have worked as an obedience Instructor with all breeds for what is now the RSPCA obedience program. My interest in German Shepherds has taken me to the Seiger Show Germany, Dogsport in Belgium. 

My unquenchable thirst for knowledge of tracking and scent discrimination led me on to visit Inspector JanDeBruin of Rotterdam Police Dog Squad. I'm very proud to be one of the foundation Members of ATC and to advance the Goals and Principles of ATC.

VIce President - Peter Wood

Treasurer - Cheryl Wood

Growing up in England with an assortment of animals I have been animal mad for as long as I can remember. My early memories are of our miniature poodle learning to enjoy long walks and my attempts at teaching him to jump obstacles I never did tell my Mum how far we went on our walks or what I got up to in my endeavours to teach him jumping and the like!

Coming to Australia in 1975 my first dog was an Irish Setter. He was as mad as a hatter but I loved him to bits. He lived to 13 and then I was dog less! This was indeed a tragedy having never been without a dog in my entire life. My now ex-husband finally gave in and after a few months Fonzie, a golden retriever , came to stay. The only proviso was that I had to train him! He sure did learn to regret those words as with Fonzie we competed in just about every discipline gaining his UD and his TDX in tracking (which was the highest achievement in tracking back then) to gain the coveted Obedience Champion title to become Goldenlea Kintyre OB CH, NRD, ET. Then in 1996 the decision was made to keep the dog and get rid of the husband. For the next nine years I became heavily involved in teaching obedience and serving on the committee of the Southern River Obedience and Agility Dog Club. I continued to compete in obedience and retrieving trials with Leroy and then Reuben.

Since marrying Peter and moving to Bakers Hill nine years ago we both served on the Retrieving Club of WA committee as I continued to compete in retrieving trials with Reuben, Toia & Billy . Having decided that working full time and competing each weekend was just too hard I started tracking again. Currently I am having great fun with both Benson and his son BJ with their tracking and am looking forward to the start of this season.

Secretary - Anna Mitchell

Committee Member - Jade Ling

I've only very recently started tracking, but it fascinated me after I saw a breeder I follow on facebook strongly recommending it as an enrichment activity for dogs interested in it.

Dogs have always been around in my life, but I didn't start to get interested in anything formal until my current dog, Lana. My previous two boys where both rottweiler mixes, and I had intended to wait a while before getting another dog. But seeing her big floppy ears and heart melting eyes made the decision for me, so I flew her down from Darwin.

Lana is some form of hound mix; the long legs say greyhound, but the rest of her is anybodies guess. After her prey drive lead to a chicken massacre, I realised I needed another outlet for her intelligence to focus onto, and since she spends every walk nose down tracking scents, it was only natural I start tracking training. Lana is in love; she makes the most hilarious little grunts when she is dead on a scent. She bounces around like a kangaroo the minute I get the tracking gear ready to pack into the car, because she knows what it means.

I look forward to many more years learning to work with her in tracking, and working with ATC.

Committee Member - Kara Price