Meet the 2020 Committee


Mrs Honey Gross-Richardson and James (Rick) Richardson CD BEM (Posthumously)

Meet our 2020 Committee Members

President & Training Supervisor - Di Bolger

(Founding Member of ATC)

Hi I'm Di,

My interest in a dog’s ability to detect scent utilising his brilliant olfactory system has intrigued me since mid-80s when I purchased my first German shepherd specifically to locate lost and missing people under Ron McKittrick State Co-Ordinator of SES Dog Tracking Team liaising with Police before they owned or operated any dogs.

Contracted as an Obedience Instructor with qualifications in I taught basic obedience, all breeds for a 6 week course. Up to 60 dogs a weekend.

Member and Trainer with GSDA active in Showing, Obedience, participating in agility with my Shepherds and the magnificent feisty mini Daschunds.

Currently Manager , PR, Liaison for Search Dogs Australia Inc. President, Training Supervisor & Trial Secretary for Advanced Tracking Club of WA. Inc

Training with my current Shepherd with Search Dogs Australia Inc. multi disciplines include Cadaver, Scent Specific /discriminating Area Search, Water Search, Building Search, Tracking and Trailing.

Scent Work discipline as a sport is another fascinating learning curve particularly under the instruction of Helen Stathy with her broad professional experience in this field.. So much more to learn … one never stops!

Like tracking, I see scent work giving every dog his god given ability to use his nose and shine.

Vice President - Gemma Nelson

HI I’m Gemma and this is my sidekick Mosby.
I first heard about tracking through the owner of Mosbys’ sire (who holds several tracking titles).
I don’t even think we had picked him up at this stage but the more we found out the more we knew this was something we wanted to try out with our pup. 
From the first day we were hooked. It’s amazing to watch what your dog can do. You need to be a team and really develop the bond you have with your dog.
It’s also a pretty great way to spend a Saturday morning and with a great bunch of people.
Mosby is my first dog as an adult and my first German Shepherd. We are open and keen to try all of the things and give him as many different experiences as possible. 
So far in addition to tracking we have tried some basic obedience, rally-o, all bread dog shows and are working our way through the tricks manual.

Treasurer - Glenda Wellman

After having many dogs while growing up, I got my first German Shepherd, a female in 1982.  While my children were growing into adults, we owned a total of six German Shepherds who were loved family pets.  All our dogs did the basic obedience training with the GSDAWA.   I now have Bailey who is our seventh German Shepherd and have no children at home.  I now have the time to do interesting activities with Bailey.  We have been going to Obedience and Rally O at the GSDAWA and SRA&ODC.   I'm hope to explore more fun activities, such as scent-work and tracking.   Bailey is intelligent and challenging; and I just love it when we get it right!  The more we do together, the better team we make.   I work as an Office Manager and have done lots of finances and figure work.  I have been President, Treasurer and secretary for various clubs and groups over many years and happy to assist ATCWA where I can.  

Secretary - Rachael Laubsch

After getting my first German Shepherd in 1990, I have been involved in obedience, breeding, showing and agility. Whilst training my current male Shepherd, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the amazing and inspiring Di Bolger, who opened my eyes to the world of Tracking. Training a dog in obedience is one thing, but learning to read your dog, trust and listen your dog and let them be the boss, is a whole new experience. After my first tracking trial, and my dog finding someone in the dense bushland when I had no idea what path they had followed absolutely blew my mind.  Through my thirst for knowledge on the dogs olfactory system I pursued a course doing Scentwork, and now do both Scentwork and Tracking. The dogs never fail to impress me with both their abilities and the challenges they throw at me along the way. 

Committee Member - Faye Ramsden