A GREAT NEWS for WA Tracking Fraternity

Amendment to CAWA Regulations was approved.

With regard to the attached letter from Advanced Tracking.

At the meeting of Governing Council 27 March 2019, the following

7.1          CAWA Tracking Regulation

Moved: M Wellock                           seconded: P Wilkes

Section T be amended by the addition of a new clause 4 stating:

Handlers will be required to complete in order, all tests up to and including Tracking Champion prior to entering Track & Search Dog Trials.

The amendment will be made to the Tracking Regulations and the revised version made available on our website shortly. The amendment will be advertised in the Canine news in the next available issue for the benefit of members.

Please see this letter for more information


Introduction to Tracking; running on the 13/4/2019, further information available after registering via Di Bolger.

Tracking Season will commence in Mariginiup from the 21st of April. 

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Good morning to you all,

Hope you enjoyed your first morning back at tracking training. We had some nice gentle rain which certainly didn’t appear to deter the dogs. Our first Tracking and Track & Search trial for the season will be on the 1st & 4th May 2016 which is not far away. This is a reminder that entries close on Monday 18th April. There are various ways to submit your entry and payment. Through the ATC website or email your entry and pay directly into the club’s account; I will be at training this Saturday if you wish to give them to me directly. If you decide to post your entries please take into account the longer delivery time with Australia Post. I need to allocate the various tracks to our judges as soon as possible after entries close.

We are in for a great season as we have a number of new judges that have accepted appointments with the club. The dogs should be keen to track those “lost” tracklayers even though we have just started back at training. I know my Darcy would have been quite happy if I had run all the way on his track.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have. Thank you.

Best wishes