ATC proudly Supports Search Dogs Australia (Inc)




                           PROUDLY ANNOUNCE TRAINING IN

                       SEARCH AND RESCUE


 Have you gained all your ANKC Tracking Titles and have a fairly young dog and wish to do more?  Off Lead Area Searching could be just what you are looking for!



 Want to try your hand at Search & Rescue Work and don’t know the best way to go about training your dog?  Contact us!   Along with normal training for gaining Tracking Titles, ATC will be conducting Training in SAR Tracking & Trailing and Off Lead Area Search in 2015.

ATC has very close ties with Search Dogs Australia (SDA) with a number of our members working and training with them. Country handlers are most welcome and for those people not able to attend training classes in Perth the course is well suited for training by Correspondence. All training is carefully monitored with the aid of electronic training logs.

All dogs new to Tracking are advised to complete the Tracking components before going onto the exciting world of Area Search which relies heavily on the dog’s air scenting ability.

It doesn’t matter what level of Tracking you are up to we are able to accommodate you.

Cost: $50 Membership to ATC (Payable Online –State SAR) All Training Literature is included.